Valerie Hird
Genesis Tree

Genesis Tree NY16 was installed in NY at the Nohra Haime Gallery. It was the result of a six-month crowd-sourced international outreach project representing diverse age groups and individuals from middle school students to retired seniors. The project reached out to all walks of life from all parts of the globe; artists, teachers, museums, hospitals and research groups from 8 countries, 11 US States and 28 cities contributed their time and energy - and 4000 hand-folded origami pieces - to the assembly of a three-dimensional 10 x 14 foot tree. 

Each crane, cube and box was made from recycled magazine paper gathered and folded by participants in Jordan, India, Australia, UK, Japan, Panama, Colombia, Abu Dhabi, and the U.S. Sent in February to New York they were installed in March to form a big tree representing a diversity of language, locality and color that connects us all.

Genesis Tree

The Genesis Tree is a 4’ x 4’ x 6’ sculptural installation composed of nearly 3000 individually-folded paper forms that suggest a different hypothesis for the origin of the species. Suspended from wire frames, the forms — like molecules — combine to form a primordial tree that generates the first explosive burst of life. The trunk of the tree is shaped by double strands of DNA which are color-coded to the fundamental elements for life - earth, air, water and fire. Its canopy is an explosion of secondary hues which, at its periphery, bloom into rings of birds which flock to the four compass points and form larger composite birds.

Maiden Voyages Video - 4 minute Curator's Sample
Maiden Voyages Video

The Maiden Voyages Project are series of hand-drawn illustrations and large-scale drawings by Hird inspired by the diary texts of women from Jordan, Iran, Egypt and the Palestinian West Bank. The project - intended to be exhibited both as original art and as animated graphic blogs for the internet - explores cultural difference within the context of the daily lives of real but ordinary individuals. A brief description of the project and three of its journals - each covering four of the diary months - are available in this 4 minute video.


Heroes is an ironic review of ways society mixes its metaphors. Our veneration for historical figures often combines contemporary newsmakers with imaginary heroes from television and movies to construct hybrid versions of the modern Superhero. Our heroes penetrate all age levels and strata of popular culture; providing muscular solutions for society’s more intractable problems. They are the hopeful face of every person’s desire to be more than human.

Edition of 20, 2007, 4 minutes
Signed and numbered DVDs