Origination II   Akvo: Water   Acrumi: Air
  Fajro: Fire   Tero: Earth  
Eternal Knot   Elemental Nest   Origination I
  Seedling II   Fajro Ascendant  
Akvo Ascendant   Tero Ascendant   Elemental Canopy
  Primal Spring   Seductive Botony  

The ORIGINATION paintings are based on Hird’s original text of the same name. Although informed by previous mythologies, hers focuses only on the natural world, celebrating its birth and evolution instead of as a pre-text for the creation of man. Air, fire, water and earth dominate and are dominated each by the other creating new forms, and new patterns in a self-perpetuating universe. Hird’s work performs in the same way, each series is its own strand, with its own essence, which will ultimately comprise her unique cosmology.

ORIGINATION ‘s iconography radiates from the cradles of civilization: from the Middle East outward toward Europe and the Silk Road and on to the Pacific Northwest of America. Hird’s mythology of creation is based on oral narratives she collected while traveling with semi-nomadic Turkik, Berber and Kyrghiz tribes, as well as her study of the Persian Shahnameh (Book of Kings), the Hindu Ramayana and the Spanish Las Huelgas Apocalypsis. The names of the elements are given in Esperanto, a language of Indo-European origin created to promote a universal understanding between nations.